Up Dog, Down Dog and Inhale and Exhale…

Posted by admin at June 30th, 2007

Went to Yoga class with lawyer dude for the first time in several months.  That woman kicked my proverbial ass.  The combinations of breathing and impossible balance poses had me sweating up a storm.   Note to self…get a standard yoga mat.

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Does standing in a garage make you a car?

Posted by admin at June 28th, 2007

Here’s the latest and not so greatest from our local IRAHAJE (I’d rather have Jesus) Fan Club.  ***sigh***

Puhleeez…  The Padres want our dollars too!

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Productivity = Zippo

Posted by admin at June 27th, 2007

I accompolished nothing yesterday.   Lawyer dude and I took a nice stroll at the mall and then had frappachinos at Megacoffee.  Gettin’ stuff done! Yup!

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Back from Surf Patrol I

Posted by admin at June 22nd, 2007

Board shorts checked and worn…

Sun screen used…

Accommodations securred…

Silver Bullet and the Lawyer Dude headed up the 101 to SLO for a much needed break from the grind of SD. Arroyo Grande, Oceano, Pismo Beach, Avila Beach, Gaviota, Lompoc, Grover Beach, Ventura, Port San Luis and SLO were all stops on the patrol. Seems summer surf points north was a little on the “sucky” side and ended up majorly dipping our toes in our own break Carlsbad on the way home. Sand everwhere, dry skin, fins and wet suits hanging on the porch. It was good.

There was a nice little Farmer’s Market in SLO last night. Enjoyed tri-tip sandwhiches on the sidewalk and listened to local talent (SLO Community Band) while taking in the local flavor. I could get to like it there.

After almost 40+ years living here in California, I need a reason to fall in love with it again. Fete accompli.

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The Last Days…

Posted by admin at June 19th, 2007

The fog is finally starting to lift.  The haze is clearing.  I know my name now and I don’t really care about entering anymore grades in an “E” grade book.

The last two weeks of school can be very intense for teachers.  There are report cards to prepare, last minute assessments which need to entered into the egrade book, endless ceremonies and fun days to attend.  However, this year was a bit on the edgy side as the toll of teaching a combination class (4/5) hit the proverbial fan.  As Jack’s mother in “Into The Woods” says, “It’s too much!”.

So, having said this, I am back on a more even keal.  Coffee cup is in hand and life is getting back to slacker status for the summer.  Yup, I have to take a class or two or six to keep up, but how hard can on-line classes be?

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On the first day of summer vacation me and Chuckie went to the sea….

Posted by admin at June 18th, 2007

(sing that to “Twelve Days of Christmas”)

Here we are on the first official day of summer vacation.  Early in the a.m., someone challenged me to go surfing.  He didn’t think I’d take him up on it.  In 45 mins., we were at S. Carlsbad bobbing around.  The surf sucked, but we were out there and we got wet.  Yippy for the first day of summer!

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