What Have I Done?

Posted by admin at August 19th, 2007

1. Forced Lawyer Dude into slave labor over the past week. He’s a whiz at bulletin boards and that’s a good skill set to have with me around.

2. The classroom looks great. I have some fine tuning to do with clean up.

3. <Sigh> Where did my summer go?

4. 26 little ones, again. My charges under my tutelage for the year. Do I still love it? You bet.

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On The Road Again II

Posted by admin at August 5th, 2007

We’re unpacking the bags, downloading the card and compiling all the credit card bills from a short roadtrip up the coast.

Started out with our usual stop in Arroyo Grande and did the Farmer’s Market during on Thursday evening in SLO. Always fun. Found a great little Chinese Food/Kabobs stand and man, was that ever good.

The weekend was devoted to the cross polinization of friends.  Breakfast was spent in San Jose with Lawyer Dude’s Cal friend Sophie and her husband and son.  My high school buddy Zondra Howe and her son awaited us for dinner that  evening in  Milpitas.

Then it was onto DCI West at the new Standford Stadium.  Lawyer Dude was in a fit, but we did get good pictures.  My two girls from Scripps Ranch (Jen) and Montgomery (Laura) were part of the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corp and had me in tears after their performance.  I can’t help but think I had a small hand in their success.  It was a pleasure for me to see them all grown up.

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