Posted by admin at November 22nd, 2007

7:10 pm

Alrighty then. I am never ever going to eat anything again for as long as I live. OMG am I ever stuffed. LD seemed to have survived OK and I think the folks even liked him. This year’s event took place at my brother’s townhome. The turkey was good, lots of mashed potatos, my sister-in-law’s mom’s sushi, R and D’s lumpia, my mom’s pancit, my niece’s pies and my other niece served as bartender. What more could you ask for? Brother in law and nephew smoked cigars afterwards as we gathered around my brother’s backyard fire pit. That was a nice touch. We’re a good bunch, right LD? We snuck out before the Texas Hold ‘Em marathon started. We are thankful.

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Posted by admin at November 22nd, 2007

 9:15 am

LD gets to take on all things Thanksgiving in the Spinnerdude household. We had a nice lunch with mom on Monday and now he gets the formal introduction to my clan. It’s always very interesting to see the mix of food and traditions at these events. It all gets whirled around in the proverbial culinary blender, served up and, after all these years, has become what I’ve come to expect for a family Turkey Day. So bring on the turkey, the lumpia (I hope, I hope), the sushi, the mashed potatoes (wow!) and endles games of Texas Hold ‘em poker. LD and SD are a comin’!

And yes, I am thankful for many things this year. Health, happiness and a place that wasn’t reduced to rubble. All these things make me a very lucky fella.

Now unbuckle that top trouser button and get crackin’!

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Posted by admin at November 16th, 2007

OK, so the first trimester of the school year is done and so are the bubbles.  Yes, tiny bubbles are not in anything fun to drink but are part of the routine for students in today’s “Child No Behind Left” world.  My little munchkins did well.  LD even stepped in and did mock trials for me.  The kids love him.

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