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Seems that The Governator has done a job on the people of our fair state.  It is now affecting the noble profession of teaching.  All districts are required to make 10% cut in the 2nd trimester spending budget.  No district budget can be turned in to the local county board of education without the cut.  It’s been on the minds of everyone at work and to be relaly honest it is slowly taking a toll on me. 

On a brighter note, KH and DH invited LD and me to “Cirque Du Soleil — Corteo” now playing at the Del Fairgrounds.  As a person that has involved in design  (ok, it’s colorguard design) I was totally fascinted by the look of the show and the depth and complexity of the staging.  The look of the show was deep, rich and had a European sensibility.  It was cool, it was hip and it was trendoid. 

The different acts included a group of bedroom tumblers, outstanding junglers, acrobats that hung by straps, guys and gals manipulating full sized hoops and gymnasts who’s precision timing as they swung in and out of each other was flawless.  We were mezmorized for 3 hours.  It was subtle, it was over the top, it nuanced, it was fabulous.

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Posted by admin at January 1st, 2008

New Year’s Eve saw LD and I at our friend Ray’s “White Trailer Trash New Year’s Eve” celebration. First off, most of the stuff at this event was WTT bumbed up to the next level. Mashed potatoes with dijon mustard? Mac and cheese with a hint of cayenne pepper? Pot roast accented with dill and whisp of rosemary? Get a room full of festive guys together and WTT turns into WTT with a gay accent. Could we resist?

Today SDMC buddy Daniel, LD and me welcomed in 2008 with a dip in the Pacific Ocean at Del Mar’s Penguin Plunge. The water was a brisk 55 degrees, but what the heck, right? All had a great time and there were special orange juice drinks, coffee and bagels and cream cheese afterwards. PLUS…we got CERTIFICATES!!!!

Chuck, Randy and Daniel at Del Mar’s Penguin Plunge 01Jan08

Earlier in the week I took a road trip with mom, Chris, Greg and Nephew Lance up to my Aunt and Uncle’s 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration. ‘Twas a good time, but was feeling frustrated with all the hetero content being slung at me. Thank god for text messaging and being in the hotel where the reception was hosted. On a “nice memory” note, the thought of my dad passed through my head as pictures of my family from past visits with the Aunt, Uncle and cousins were showcased in their picture show they displayed for the guests. Lately, I’ve thought less and less of my dad just because its been a long time. When a picture of him and me at the A/U’s house popped up, time stood still for me and those warm thoughts of him — his laugh, his smile, his presence — hung around for a fleeting moment. Sometimes it’s nice moments like those flashed on the screen which remind of where I came from and that love lasts forever. I miss him. I wish he could meet LD. I know they’d like each other.

Taking a road trip to points north and am anxious to try out the new thicker wetsuit.  This is my last hurrah ’til it’s back to the grind.

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