Posted by admin at February 17th, 2008

This weekend LD and I took a trip up the 5 to the 99 to lovely Delano, CA. What, you may ask, is in Delano?  Many of you know that along with my teaching responsibilities, I judge color guard. I have been involved in this activity for many, many years now and look at it as an avocation.

So, what does this have to do with Delano? There was a color guard competition in Delano and many times Southern Califronia judges are asked to help with other circuits in the area by stepping in when they’re short on judging panels. So LD and I headed up to Delano to judge a PPAACC show. It is very early in the season, and kids haven’t grown into the stamina and muscle memory they need to toss rifles, spin sabers and launch flags into the air while dancing and remembering their individual staging responsibilities, all while looking effortless and graceful.

Anyway, LD is always happy to come along for the ride with me. I am glad for the company. However, Delano leaves a lot to be desired with regard to a night life. We had dinner at Perko’s along with our show organizer and some of the other instructors.

Then breakfast was down in Bakersfield at Zingo’s, a 1950′s style diner complete with waitresses that call you honey. Bakersfield is known for it’s “down home Southern” sensibility so LD and I had a regular breakfast with ***ta da***, bisquits and gravy. Yikes, I put my ear to his arm to hear his arteries hardening. But it was a great little meal (little? HAH!!!) and was just enought to get us down to The Citadel outline mall in Commerce, CA for a new Izod shirt and lusting after LD’s passion, kitchen cookware.

We’re home now. Yippy for color guard!

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Posted by admin at February 16th, 2008

I’ve officially joined the Obama Band Wagon.  I will quote the current sound bite as my reason.  I have no mind of my own.  I only go with what’s popular.  “Even though he doesn’t have any experience, it sure beats what has been in the current office”.  Grab me a button, grab me a sticker…all in.

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