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So it’s official.  I am now a married man.

LD and drove up to SLO for our “let’s decompress after school let’s out” vacation.  And this year, LD had to scrape me off the floor and pack me in the car.  I just needed to get away.

Enter the hotel.  The Cliff’s resort in Pismo Beach was fantastic.  Diego was able to come along and the resort was oh so accommodating to our four legged baby.  Our morning walks were fantastic.  Diego was able to run off leash on the beach every morning.  I think he got a little spoiled. 

Anyway, back to the important date, Wednesday, June 18, 2008.  Friends RS(S. Pasadena) and P&SF (San Jose), drove in to Pismo to help officiate the ceremony.   The gang met us at Louisa’s Cafe in SLO for breakfast and then we headed over to the SLO County Clerk’s Office.  Sophie was sworn in as a Deputy Justice of the Peace for the day while LD and I applied for our wedding license.  After that was in order we walked to the Mission San Luis Obispo, found a nice little shaded area in front of the church and Sophie did her thing. 

Disaster was averted when we pulled out the rings.  We had a case of fumble fingers and almost lost one fo the rings dow a sewer grate that was situated right where we stood.  <Whew>…thank goodness for all those quick reflexes. 

Sophie was a pro and manuevered us through a lovely little ceremony.  Yea, I got all choked up while reciting my vows but was happy nonetheless. 

It was a brilliant day.  It was a great celebration of LD and me with some great friends and some wonderful memories. 

I am married now to the person I love.  I am very happy.  Pictures following.

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Check it out…

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MONDAY, JUNE 9, 2008

Faculty V. Students Softball Game (morning):  Faculty won!  Gotta keep reminding those kids not to throw the bat after they hit the ball. 

Fifth Grade Field Day(afternoon).  I pawned off the 5th graders to the other teachers and spent the afternoon having the 4th grader clean and pack up my room.  Seems Mr. A will be in a different wing this year so…he has to move.  

TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 2008

5th Grade “THE WAVE” End of the Year Party:  Way too much fun!  


My birthday!  A delcious dinner with mom and the family.   LD had to stay with Diego due to dew claw surgery.  Spent the day moving….again.


Fifth grade promotion rehearsal at Bella Vista Middle School…Walked a lot…park….back to school.  Promotion ceremony was that night.  Cried a little and will miss my kids I’ve had for 2 years. 

FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2008


Am in Ventura with LD.  Gettin’ hitched on Wednesday!  Diego is surviving his first road trip just fine.  Had lunch with D and B (LD’s old friends from Cal).   

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