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The last two weeks of the Olympics has truly been an opiate for me.  I loved watching the live video feeds and the videos from competitions that I missed because of the time difference.  I will remember the pageantry and beauty of the opening ceremonies, and the cool, obscure sports that are brought to the limelight.    I mean….watching racewalking?  8 person rowing?  team handball?  men’s and women’s field hockey?  WAY COOL!

I have two favorite moments from the Olympics just because they demonstrate just how much this sports event means to people.  We in the US do not have the corner on patriotism. 

MOMENT #1:  Quarterfinals of the women’s badminton doubles….China V. Japan.  Those two Japanese girls were elated to beat the Chinese pair.  They fell to their knees in disbelief and the emotion poured out of them.   Knowing the world history behind these two nations, I took a look at the audience reaction.  Those icy Chinese folks:  You could’ve heard a pin drop in that section of the arena.

MOMENT #2:  I had to combine these two into one just because it was equally a great experience for me.  USA rocks in beach volleyball.  My hats off to the US men’s and women’s pairs.  Bump, set…KILL!!!!!

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Posted by admin at August 17th, 2008

The room is set (thanks to LD, BP, KP, BP, MC and MP)….the class lists are posted. 

Bring it on!

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Olympic Games:  I haven’t been disappointed.  I do care, a tad, about medals but man…it has been pure heaven watching ALL the athletes compete.  I am especially aware of some of the age old rivalries that exist  for example,   Japan v. China (quarter final women’s doubles badminton).  When those two little girls that won the round, they  were down on their knees weeping (glee or relief?)  while the icy Chinese stares piereced their souls with utter hatred AND the Japanese band of fans shouted, “NIPPON, NIPPON, NIPPON”.  I LOVE DRAMA LIKE THIS.    Sure swim drut Phelps is the king of these games, but all the other noble men and women around the realm have been fascinating to watch too. 

Ready, On Your Mark, Get Set, GROAN!:  School year 2008 began with a unenthusiastic <sigh>.   I’ve been to two inservices already and the math adoption training is tomorrow.  I was proud to tow the union line this morning at the district welcome back reception.  The room is ready to go.  Thanks to BP, KP, BP, MC and MP — they are a god send.   LD helped set up the computer area on Monday.  The room looks great.

Slacking 2008:  Go to www.howlingpoint.net to see the latest version of the LD/SD/D summer extrava-slackanza gear for ’08.  Proud to be Californian!  Now where’s that Castro Cellars Pinot Grigio?


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Dawn patrol…great surf….nice form….walls that lasted long enough to drop in on.  It was heaven. 

<ring, ring, ring> “Oh, hello Dr. BossLadySupt?  This is Spinner over at NVES.  Yea…listen babe, can we cancel the start of school for one more month?  Really?  Keeewwwwllll!  Thanks, babe!!!”

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I watched the opening ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics last night.  All I can say is wow!  My jaw remained in the dropped position for most of the program. 

There was drumming, there was spinning, there was incredible formations both human and non-human, there was great music, there was detail, there was nuance, there was visual design, there was great cultural pride, there was a lot. 

Before we go any further, my heart goes out to the family and friends of the American that was killed in an attack.  His wife and the the Chinese translator remain hospitalized.    I hope this incident is truly an isolated one.  It has already put a damper on The Games.

Now that we have the serious items dealt with, GO WOMEN’S FENCING.  Woo hooo!   They swept the medals in women’s saber!!!! 

In Olympics past, my brother and I found the magic of Telemundo and Univision and how their coverage of events was a little more comprehensive than what was found on our stateside networks.  Our friends to the south covered the games almost 24/7.  Given, the broadcast was in Spanish, we managed  by turning down the volume and did our best to figure out what was going on.  We became fixed on the, how does one say, less popular sports like  judo, equestrian events both jumping and dressage, archery and race walking.  We made plans to get really good at an obscure sport and that would be our ticket into the games.   But alas, the only sport I’m good at these days is the occassional picnic volleyball game and walking Diego.  This hasn’t lessened my appreciation for the obscure sports in the Olympics.  We need to cheer, “U-S-A, U-S-A”, for the men’s slalom kayak teams, the women’s trampoline team and of course the men’s and women’s handball team. 

It’s just not about swimming, track and field, gymnastics, basketball and volleyball ya’ know.  Give me Brady Ellison and Khatuna Lorig (Team USA Archery) any day.   For me, these types of folks embody the true meaning of the Olympics.

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Posted by admin at August 8th, 2008

So, DCI Quarterfinals were last night and my friend MF and I watched .25 finals at MIra Mesa Edwards.  Alright, I’ll admit it.  I can be a pain in the ass to watch DCI Championships with.  Why you may ask?  Because if the  kids performing don’t know their music, equipment, body or drill work by this time in the year, I will say something “LOUDLY” about it.  OMG…there were so many corps last night that looked like a frickin’ railroad track disaster…bumpin’ into each, dropping equipment, severe timing issues.  I’m the guy that screams at them (like they can hear me..).  “THERE’S NO DROPPING YOUR SH*T AT NATIONALS!….Good gravy people, your instructional staff put you on the 50 yard line for a reason now step it up and don’t screw things up OK?”  The ones that absolutely kill me are the weapons kids that stand there and look at their equipment when they drop it!  UGH!  PICK IT TIFFANYAMBERANNOYING!!!! 

(breath)… Alright.  I’m done.

Our friend from SDMC Jim Simpson celebrated his 65th birthday last night by hosting a fundraiser event at DIversionary Theatre.  YANK! was a charming homage to the WWII platoon movies complete with its usual cast of characters (New Yorker, MidWest Farm Kid, General’s Son, All American, Square Jaws, and of course the scared one).    AD, the SDMC’s accompanist and assitant conductor, is the musical director of the show.  Bravo to Jim, the cast/crew of YANK! and Amy for a most enjoyable evening.

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First off, I am going into denial mode.  I am closing my eyes and will magically transform myself back to June 16, 2008….tick…tick…tick…and we’re there.  Rats….I guess my way back machine needs a little fine tuning.  Sherman and Mr. Peabody sold me a bad bill of goods.  Anyway, it is August no matter how hard I try to wish it away.  I can’t blink like “I Dream Of Jeannie” and make it go away.  My days of freedom are ticking down.  Had a nice meeting with the union folk and it looks like 2008 is off to a good start.  I’ve got an all 5th grade class this year.  I am good with it.

The Heir Apparent was dropped off the other day to our local PETS-BE-US for a regularly scheduled doggie spa day.  I dropped him off in the morning and he seemed a little apprehensive.  But we were both brave and he did fine.  LD picked up our pampered pooch and when I returned from a lunch date, there he was.  This hair cut was a little more stylized than the one in April.  See, in April it was his first cut with us and his hair was a little matted (understatement) and so they went really short.  This July doo was….and I don’t want to sell this short or low ball my sentiment in any way…FABULOUS.  His face was sculpted to match the trim of his body.  He didn’t look like a bobble head doll.  He was sleek and very sophisticated.   The folks at PETS-BE-US are gods.

Now, to the best part.  Friday and Saturday were DCI Allentown, the last big shows until DCI Finals in Indiana next weekend.  So, .51 seperates the top four corps.  They all have managed to catch the California Kids and reigning DCI champs, The Concord Blue Devils.  BD has had an undefeated season, up until Allentown.  The Caviliers from Rosemont, IL,  Phantom Regiment from Rockford, IL , and Carolina Crown from Fort Mill, SC, are all giving BD a run for their money.  Finals night should be interesting.  Some guard buddies and I will be heading out to our local theater on Thursday to watch quarterfinals on a live simulcast.  I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

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