Posted by admin at January 11th, 2009

The holidays are now behind us.  As of yesterday, the boxes of Christmas stuff are now in storage.  LD, Diego and I had a wonderful season, it being our first as a nucleus of a family.  It was nice having our blur of fur around for the holidays this year.  It’s hard to believe that he has been with us now for almost a year

Last week at this time, we were returning from a trip to Pismo Beach.  We had a blast running around that place.  Unfortunately, our room accommodations were a little bungled, but other than that….great food, great fun and miles and miles of beach for “D” to run on.  Who could ask for more?   It was a great mini-vacation before…well….

I started back to school this week.  Ugh.   We did manage to set some goals for ourselves for the year.  We started with yoga and weight training and fulfilled our goal for Week One.  Yippy for that. 

We had brunch at Milton’s in Del Mar today and then went and saw “Milk”.  I am reminded that putting a name with a face and being slightly pissed off always makes things a littl more spicey.  Harvey was a true inspiration and I remember, as a very young gay man, watching his story unfold.  It was very strange for me watching this film today.  Harvey and the era was one that changed my life.  I was somewhat pissed coming out of the movie because I felt like our “Prop. 8″ campaign was so severly mishandled.  There were a lot of assumptions made by the people who ran the campaign, assumptions that cost us crucial votes. 

We’re back home now with the puppy in tow.  2009 is starting out nice.

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Posted by admin at January 2nd, 2009

picture-173LD and Diego on the pier at Morro Bay.

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Posted by admin at January 1st, 2009

Yup…we did it again!  I just don’t rememberchradapenguinplunge it being this chilly last year.  Oh well, the free doughnuts made up for it!  Yippy….2009 starting refreshed and numb!

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