Posted by admin at February 22nd, 2009

LD received an early birthday present today.  Yes, I broke down and got him a Wii.  I’m sure there will be more later, but in a word….THIS THING ROCKS ME TO THE FREE WORLD!!!

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Posted by admin at February 9th, 2009

Sorry for not being more chatty with you all, but I’ve been trying to recover from being sick and the feeling that I am behind with work.

First….Borg Health Urgent Care two Saturdays ago.  I spiked a temperature of nearly 104*.  Chuck got worried and off we went.  I am better now.  Dr. Chuck (it’s that JD degree don’t you know) and Nurse Diego did a great job. 

SD Men’s Chorus “Stupid Cupid” Valentine’s Day Cabaret — Great job everyone!  I didn’t sing this concert because I missed too many rehearsals.  Chuck and I made an evening of it.  “Twas fun.

Diego Takes A Stroll –  While I was at the WGI Regional at RCC, Chuck reported that Diego took a stroll through the neighborhood all on his own.  On Sunday afternoon, Chuck came out to a opened front door with no Diego in site.  He went downstairs and called for the boy.  No Diego.  A worried Daddy Chuck ran upstairs to dress and get his car keys to do a tour of the neighbor.   He walks out the door and guess who comes bounding in?  He came in, and took his place by his treat jar.  Hmmmmmm.

WGI Regional at RCC — Great shows albeit a little wet.  Reminded me of times with SRHS schlepping stuff in and out of the RCC gym with it pouring outside.  I am definitely missing the big guns…Fantasia is out of commission this year….SCV didn’t come down….James Logan is staying up north.  I enjoyed the show immensely.

The Economy — Attached is a graphic I found on the internet.  Need I explain more?  Jobs Package…NOW!


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