Posted by admin at July 14th, 2009

Just what have I been doing to keep myself occupied this fine summer?  Well…let me make a small list.  Enjoy.

1.  M.Ed. with Lesley University:  I’ve have been doing quite a bit of writing for the program and find that it will definitely enhance my teaching “bag of tricks” this year.  I especially liked the poetry section I took in May and June.  Mimi Herman, my instructor, was a gem.  I am especially blessed to be in the company of some very talented cohort members.  They inspire me.

2.  SDMC Pride Concert:  This is our last concert as the San Diego Men’s Chorus as we are in the final stages of having the two chourses (Gay Men’s Chorus of SD and SD Men’s Chorus) bond together as one united chorus in San Diego.  Having said that, the SDMC produced our last concert on July 12th, Politics, Prejudice:  Stonewall plus 40.  It had to be the most fulfilling musical experience of my life.  We had to say goodbye to Jerry Foust, our artistic director, as he has taken a job with The Berkely Theater in the Bay Area.    There was great music made, some tears shed, very emotional subtext and I got a speaking role. 

3.  SDMC Poetry Project:  I came up with an idea to tie in our stories through poetry.  I seized the moment to talk to Jerry about having some of the members tell their stories through rhyme and verse.  I busied myself coordinating the look, the feel and the display of the poetry in the lobby of the concert hall.    It turned out great.

4.  Chuck and Randy Join A Gym:  We’re officially members of LA Fitness now.  Yippy.  Fat…begone!

5.  Been to the beach a couple of time and have liked it immensely.

6.  The Del Mar Fair was awesome.  Our eating for the day was incredible….fried zuccini spears…Australian Beer Battered Potatos….corn on the cob….and a huge hot dog on a stick.  We had a great experience on the huge ferris wheel.  Just as the lights of the midway were coming and the sun was going down, we were at the top of the ferris wheel just hanging there.  The beach on one side and the lights of the midway on the other side. 

7.  And now….it’s off to Harry Potter!