Posted by admin at October 6th, 2008

What do you get when you throw together…

20 pounds of spiced Kahlua Pork, 20 pounds of terriyaki chicken, 20 pounds of macaroni chicken salad, 2,000 lumpias, slabs of apricot summer cake, 100 great family and friends, some great singing,  100 Crate and Barrel and Macy’s boxes, two great looking matching Aloha shirts, mango pineapple drinks, a great panoramic view of Mission Bay and great weather? 

That, my friend, is me and Chuck’s wedding reception on Sat., October 4, 2008.  It was a wonderful day filled with great surprises (yea…we sweated a little….can you say “City of SD Park Permit”?), but it all went off without a hitch.  The caterer, Ellis, was a real pro.  The photographer, Bryson Kim from Island Pix, was so talented and really got to the heart of our day through his voice.  Finally, the cake….holy smokes.  Jaron and the staff at Mille Feuille did a bang up job on our wedding cake, “apricot summer”.  We had a great time! 

In closing, the hubby was so happy that day.  He was all smiles and I loved watching him interact with his friends and family,  and meeting and greeting my friends and family.  We gays really miss out on this highly stylized ritual.   When you have 100 of your family and friends coming to celebrate your wedding, you really need to stop and pay attention.   It’s a big deal. 

Anyway, ask LD about the clinking champagne bottles.   I’m off to eat more Kahlua Pork…an endless amount of Kahlua Pork.