Posted by admin at November 29th, 2009

A Chronicle of the Arnayro/Hartley Turkey Day Extravaganza

  • Wednesday:  Left for Vegas with puppy in tow.  New Toyota Corolla is a dream to travel in with the pup.  All the hat boxes and steamer trunks fit in the boot.  Reclining seats actually reclined.  IPod’s were hooked in nicely and all the digital information on the front panel was displayed for the driver to see.  Arrived at 5:30 pm in Sin City.  It took Diego a little while to settle in.  Met Chuck’s brother Dave for the first time.  Very cool.  Dinner at Gordon Biersch was a little unsettling.    Gambled at Terribles.  There’s a reason why they call it Terribles.  Clientele was a little on the “eeek! run away!” side.  Up $50 in blackjack then up $7.50 in black jack.   That’s just the way the double down crumbles.
  • Thursday:  “The Families Meet” — The Hartley Boys and I met mom, Chris, Greg and the Kids along with Nikki’s friend Baldi for breakfast.  The kids were just getting in from the road and headed up to bed.  Mom, Dave, Chuck, Chris and Greg had breakfast at  Treasure Island Cafe.  Chuck and I then took Dave for a tour of Ceasar’s Palace and The Venetian.  BTW…buy one and get one free cashmere sweaters at The Banana was very tempting.  Rested up for the evening and then back to TI for the Thanksgiving Buffet.  All the trimmings but also pizza and ribs and pork chops and stir fry and…., well you get the picture.   I had creme brulee and pumpkin pie for dessert and topped it all off with cotton candy.    I hope Dave had a good time.  Anyone see “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”?    Change the Greek to Pilipino and you get the picture.  I appears we made him laugh.  It was nice to see everyone around the table, everyone together.  That made me feel good.  Oh, and btw to the short Britney Spears wannabe Asian Blonde Chick who tossed her cookies at the table over…diet pills and Thanksgiving Dinner don’t mix. 
  • Friday:  Off to Lake Mead for a day of adventure with the Diego.  Quiet, peaceful, serene, beautiful and the dog was off leash on Lake Mead’s almost empty shoreline.  Oh, Diego knows our car.  Dinner was at our old neighbor’s new house in Del Webbs-ville.   Then the watershows at the Bellagio with friends and more gambling.   BTW..there is a difference between a blackjack table that’s $10 and Casino War that’s $10.  Yikes.  Always read the little signs on the tables!
  • Early Saturday morning was spent with Nichole and Baldi at TI learning craps.  There’s a reason why they call it craps because that’s what I was cursing everytime I lost.  I now understand the game a little better.  Nice that we were the only one’s at the table, but Mr. Pitboss needed to be a little more patient with the rookies. 
  • Saturday morning was spent with friends and an outstanding omelet house (“locals only” I believe).  Nice catching up the P and Ph.  They are good people.  We packed,  were on the road and encountered traffic and some weather on the drive home.  Safe and sound at Casacitracado by 6 pm. 

…For hubby, puppy, the Arnayro/Hartley/Karns family, and good times — I am thankful.