Posted by admin at December 23rd, 2009

LD is asleep and the Blur is sprawled out in his usual asymmetrical form nearby.  I look at all this that has been afforded me and yes, for this beautiful man and splendid creature I am thankful. 

I look around me, listen to the news, hear stories from friends, family, colleagues and students and find that I am quite lucky to be where I am right now.  LD and I make a good effort to keep the finances under control.  We both have good jobs that afford us a sizeable amount of personal satisfaction and our little family continues to trundle along nicely. 

This isn’t the case for many of my students, friends and colleagues.  They are struggling with lost homes, lost jobs, difficult financial situations and poor health.   I try to lend a hand where I can but the situations people are in are so desperate right now.  I have parents telling me horror stories of losing their homes and having to live in a rented house with 2 other families.    I have students coming to school ill prepared for the cold and the rain because parents can’t afford to buy a good coat.  I have students who come to school hungry, their parents too proud to apply for reduced lunch.  I have friends who are struggling with finding jobs and are losing hope because they have always worked and this time around it’s tough getting steady employment. 

And yet through all this, LD and The Blur afford me that solace and that safe haven I need to ease my mind  from the rigors of bearing the weight of the world on my shoulders.  Diego can look at me and wag his tail and all those cares and worries go away.  LD can still make me laugh with hysterical quips and quotes.  On our family walks around the neighborhood, I take great pride and am in awe when they make me smile. 

Tomorrow we head down to CV for the annual Arnarnsley (Arnayro-Karns-Hartley) Christmas Eve Food Fest and Secret Santa Gift Exchange.  Then on Friday we head up to LD’s family celebration.  I am especially looking forward to all the busy-ness just because I couldn’t think of any other place to be other than with these folks.  This is where I’m supposed to be and I relish and treasure the time we will spend together.

In some way, it helps ease the burden of the day albeit for a fleeting moment.  These days, I’ll take “fleeting” in a heartbeat.  And so….for all you kids from 1 to 92…and yes its been said many times and in many ways…Froehliche Weinachten, Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad, Maligayang Pasko and Merry Christmas to you.