Posted by admin at February 26th, 2010

  • it’s nice to come home and have Chuck and the Blur of Fur happy to see me.
  • I like that I can still talk to my mom and that she still has advice for me on how to run my classroom or that she reminds me about Piaget and Montessori and theories on child development.   Teachers will be teachers.
  • it’s nice to see messages from my sister and brother about the next family get together.  I also like that my nieces and nephew are starting to get involved in planning stuff for family pow wows.
  • I still wonder why my students can’t divide 1/8 by 1/9 but I just wonder about it and don’t obsess over it.
  • I thank  The Universe, The Devine Spirit, and Mother Earth  for provision.  Just enough…is good enough for me.
  • walking in the door and smelling the surprise in the crock pot makes me happy that the husband is still my husband and that cooking is his forte. 
  • I would like to play “smackdown” with the rug rats that terrorize the condo complex with their scooters, but I’m going to trust Charles Darwin on that one.
  • I can’t believe that I work with some really talented people!!!  How did I get picked to be in this stellar group of stars?
  • that I still miss my dad, lolo and lola.  There are things  in my home that belonged to them  that takes that edge off and makes me smile and remember.
  • I wonder why watching a marching band show, a band review or a guard show still gives me a geeky foaming at the mouth look.  Chuck is a patient man.
  • I still look forward to going to rehearse with the best group of singing brothers in the world!

Lately, the end of the day is a tough sell for a lot of people around me.  My end of the day finds me in my favorite chair, surrounded by people and creatures  that I love. 

I can’t imagine what my life would be like without these moments….

…at the end of the day.