Posted by admin at April 2nd, 2010

This year I tried observing eating fish on Fridays as part of the celebration of Lent.  Lawyer Dude was very accommodationg and did his best to help out.  I even made a conscious effort to give up chocolate during Lent but that didn’t work out so well. 

I don’t understand why I decided to harken back to these traditions.  I have been so far out of the loop with regards “things religious” for a long while now. 

As I approach the big FYVE OH , I guess that my collective memory kicks in and all those practiced traditions from Catholic School and church (both Roman and Non-Roman) have hung on in my general make up.  All these rituals  have become very real to me this year for some funny reason.   I guess it’s a way of remembering. 

Regardless, I like remembering.  It keeps me grounded to what really matters.  It keeps me stay connected to my past.  And…it forces Chuck (AKA Lawyer Dude) to search for new fish recipes.

We likeey!