Posted by admin at November 6th, 2009

Sorry for my silence.  Like I said, my new mistress known as FB has all but replaced my frequency posting here.  I’ve linked this to my FB now so things should match up nicely. 

The kids are taking their reading comprehension end of trimester exam.  They are dutifully bubbling in and I know I’ve prepped them well for this part of the mayhem. 

School continues on and I’m still in love with being a teacher.  This job, although sometimes quite tragic in its expectations and scope, still is one of the most personally rewarding jobs I’ve ever had. 

Hope all is well on your end.


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Posted by admin at July 14th, 2009

Just what have I been doing to keep myself occupied this fine summer?  Well…let me make a small list.  Enjoy.

1.  M.Ed. with Lesley University:  I’ve have been doing quite a bit of writing for the program and find that it will definitely enhance my teaching “bag of tricks” this year.  I especially liked the poetry section I took in May and June.  Mimi Herman, my instructor, was a gem.  I am especially blessed to be in the company of some very talented cohort members.  They inspire me.

2.  SDMC Pride Concert:  This is our last concert as the San Diego Men’s Chorus as we are in the final stages of having the two chourses (Gay Men’s Chorus of SD and SD Men’s Chorus) bond together as one united chorus in San Diego.  Having said that, the SDMC produced our last concert on July 12th, Politics, Prejudice:  Stonewall plus 40.  It had to be the most fulfilling musical experience of my life.  We had to say goodbye to Jerry Foust, our artistic director, as he has taken a job with The Berkely Theater in the Bay Area.    There was great music made, some tears shed, very emotional subtext and I got a speaking role. 

3.  SDMC Poetry Project:  I came up with an idea to tie in our stories through poetry.  I seized the moment to talk to Jerry about having some of the members tell their stories through rhyme and verse.  I busied myself coordinating the look, the feel and the display of the poetry in the lobby of the concert hall.    It turned out great.

4.  Chuck and Randy Join A Gym:  We’re officially members of LA Fitness now.  Yippy.  Fat…begone!

5.  Been to the beach a couple of time and have liked it immensely.

6.  The Del Mar Fair was awesome.  Our eating for the day was incredible….fried zuccini spears…Australian Beer Battered Potatos….corn on the cob….and a huge hot dog on a stick.  We had a great experience on the huge ferris wheel.  Just as the lights of the midway were coming and the sun was going down, we were at the top of the ferris wheel just hanging there.  The beach on one side and the lights of the midway on the other side. 

7.  And now….it’s off to Harry Potter!


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Posted by admin at June 20th, 2009

Returned last night from 5 days of California’s Central Coast. 

The exceptional staff and the room upgrade from The Cliff’s Resort was sweet.  We had  our own jacuzzi (albeit a little small) but it was nice to have it there  waiting.  The fantastic views from the grounds as always were…hmmm… fantastic. 

California’s Central Coast is a gem in and of itself.  Miles of beautiful beaches for The Blur to explore and conquer…..easy gentle surf….and the best part…NOT CROWDED!  The morning walks were especially relaxing on the first day.  I would sit and breath in the fresh ocean air and release all that stuff from the previous school year.  Salt Air Therapy?  Absolutely.

Top it all off with great food at The Big Sky Cafe and The Black Sheep Squadron Cafe in SLO, Giovanni’s Fish and Chips in Morro Bay,  and Mo’s BBQ in Pismo Beach and you have yourself a winner! 

The Thursday Night Farmer’s Market in downtown SLO once again proved that pizza by the slice and chicken kabobs while enjoying a Dave Matthews wanna be Band can be a five star anniversary dinning experience.  I couldn’t think of any other way to celebrate.  Chuck and me….planted on the sidewalk in downtown SLO.  Romatical.

Our little junket also commemorated our one year of married, forced to divorce and again married life.  Who can plan the complete formal china set when the State of California won’t let you near the china cabinet?  Sigh…

Refreshed?  yes…   Relaxed?  check.    Mission Accomplished.   I’m ready for 200 more years with my love,  Chuck.

Smile Diego....Smile!!!  Smile damn it!View from The Cliffs Resort

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Posted by admin at June 13th, 2009

The end of a school year always has me in a nostalgic mood.  However, this year…not so much and I feel guilty about it.  I know, I know.  I can hear all of you saying, “Just accept it and move on Randy.  You get a new batch in August.”

This was a really hard year  for me.  I had a very rag tag group of  8 particular boys that just couldn’t get their proverbial “shit” together.  And yes, they are 10, 11 and 12 years old and yes, they are young and yes they are kids.  I will give each of you that.    And, of course, there were my stalwarts from 0708  that were a delight.  Too bad I couldn’t spend more time with them and the ones that wanted to learn.  Most of the year was spent in crisis management mode. 

But man, I have never met a group of kids that just weren’t into school.  They didn’t try.  They settled for just getting by (which, by the way, was a sentiment echoed by their parents).  And to top it all off, this group was very unenthusiastic and they made fun of the kids that were into the lessons.  School was nothing but a chore and all they wanted to do was to go out and play.    A good handul of the Elite 8 were retained from previous years.    That may have colored their impression of school.  I did do a good job of pulling a lot of things out of my bag of teaching “tricks” but it just didn’t help this year for some reason. 

OK, we are officially moving on now.  Randy is done.  20008-2009 has left the building.

For now, LD and The Blur of Fur and I are heading points north on Monday to our post-school hideaway.  CYA!

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Posted by admin at June 4th, 2009

My how things have changed since last year. 

One class to deal with…

I’m staying in the same room….

Just gotta pack up and go….

Pismo here we come.

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Posted by admin at May 27th, 2009

I’m still trying to sort out my feelings on what happened yesterday.  The CA Supreme Court upheld the ban on gay marriage in CA, but grandfathered in the 18, 000 marriages that were performed between May 17, 2008 and November 3, 2008.

I am just so angry right now and I don’t know what to do with myself.   The feelings and thoughts of my radical  ACT UP days are starting to bubble to the surface.

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Posted by admin at May 12th, 2009


The California Standards Test has been bustling along at my school.  We’ve been bubbling since last week and our last test session is tomorrow.  Whew!  I can’t wait. 

Although I receive a lot of grief from friends and especially family about it, I do need to agree that most of it is totally unnecessary because of the complexity and rigors of what it demands from students and teachers.  Like Jack’s mom in “Into The Woods”…’s too much.

Masters in Curriculum Integration

I am currently enrolled with Lesley University in a “Fine Arts Integration” program.  This is supposed to make me a guru on how to integrate visual and performing arts standards into the mundane curriculum.  A lot of writing, but it is kinda fun.

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Posted by admin at May 3rd, 2009

Dear WordPress Spinnerdude,

I have been cheating on you.  I freely admit that there is someone new in my life.  It is Facebook. 

I am so sorry for this revelation.  I think I will keep you on the side now instead of FB. 

We’ve had some good times WPSD. 


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Posted by admin at March 30th, 2009

This year, I have had the great opportunity to judge winterguard shows in different parts of the country. 

Traveling on business  is an exhausting process.  In my younger days I thought it was an exhausting process.  So, my views of it haven’t changed.  The process is rather exciting but  the canned hotel rooms from city to city?  Sigh.

As an example, my room from a rather large chain hotel in LA County is exactly the same as in El Paso, TX.  The bed coverings, the furniture, the lamps, even the bathroom freebies are all the same.

My only complaint about the “rather large chain hotel owned by a prominent religious organization”?  Get new televisions!  Geez…the big black box that takes 2 mins to warm up and takes up all that space?  Flat screen kids….you’ve got the cash.  Time to upgrade.

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525,600 Minutes…

Posted by admin at March 11th, 2009

It’s hard to believe that The Blur of Fur has been at The Casa for a year now,  but he has.     He has settled in nicely to our little routine here in NC SD.  Our little family is trundling along nicely.  There will be more roadtrips for him to hone his overlord skills,  more open stretches of Pismo Beach to explore and  more puppy licks to covet.  We can’t wait!

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